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Veronica Brown

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Growing up in rural Missouri, Veronica has been a so-called "tom-boy" since she was little.This was probably because she preferred playing outside or with her pets rather than playing inside with Barbie dolls. She treasured helping her Grandpa, (Grandpa "ship"--as he was affectionately known) harness, work and care for a team of draft horses as well as attending teamster events.She attributes her interest in farming and driving horses to those fond memories of him.She also enjoyed putting up hay, raising animals, horseback riding, hunting with her dad, fishing with family, and simply being outdoors, as a farm kid and all are things that she continues to enjoy to this day." You can learn a lot of important life-lessons on the farm that apply to creating art as well, one of them being; always get back on a horse if you get thrown."
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